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  • Dr. Sandra Chiu

Eye strain during lockdown? You are not alone!

A recent research in UK has found that 42% of people have noticed their sight deteriorate since March 2020. This should not be surprising, as we all know COVID-19 has greatly increased our screen time. Working from home, online learning, entertainment at home and even grocery shopping have all become screen-time activities now.

Our eyes are not made for staring at a single object for such a prolonged time, but with our unavoidable screen-time during lockdown, here are a few suggestions for you:

  • 20:20:20: Remember this rule -- Every 20 mins look at some-thing 20 ft away for 20 secs. This will help relax your eye muscles and give your eyes a rest.

  • "Eye-friendly" work environment – Your screen should be below eye level and between 50-70cm away. Adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen until your eyes feel comfortable looking at it, and make sure you re-adjust them as the lighting of your environment changes along the day. Bigger fonts can always help too.

  • Reduce glare – Put anti-glare screen on your monitor to reduce glare which can make your eyes tired. You can also choose glasses that has anti-glare coating.

  • Stay Hydrated - The heater (which is essential during the cold winter of Canada!) can make your indoor environment very dry. Stay hydrated to avoid dry eye, and use eye drops as required.

Contact us if you have any eye strain or dry eye issues. We can perform a full eye examination and determine the best solution for you.

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