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Computer Work Causing You Eye Strain? Office Progressive Glasses Can Help

By now, most people know that staring too long at a screen can cause eye fatigue. But what can you do when your job requires you to spend hours in front of a computer each day? When screen time is unavoidable, a pair of computer glasses can provide some helpful eye strain relief. Here’s what you need to know about them.

What are computer glasses?

Computer eyeglasses are a form of specialized eyewear. They have an adjusted prescription that magnifies objects about 24 inches away from your eyes (about the distance from a computer screen). This magnification helps you to see things within that range more easily. The result? Your eyes don’t have to work as hard to focus, so you’re less likely to experience computer eye strain and eye tension, which can result in blurred vision, headaches, and dry and tired eyes. This condition is also known as computer vision syndrome.

Like a traditional pair of prescription glasses, the magnification in a pair of computer glasses is customized for your vision needs. For those who need vision correction at both intermediate and close-up distances, computer progressive lenses are also available. These have different magnifications in different parts of the lens — just use the section that’s most appropriate to the task at hand. Dr. Sandra Chiu at Lake Views Eye Care has extensive experience with computer glasses and can help determine which lens design and magnification is right for you.

Computer glasses can also have blue light blocking technology which helps to keep short-wavelength blue light from reaching your eyes and causing screen fatigue. Too much blue light exposure can disturb your sleep by affecting your circadian rhythms (the part of your body that regulates sleeping and waking). Poor sleep can lead to impaired memory and concentration, weight gain, weakened immunity, and high blood pressure.

Who are computer glasses for?

Though they work in a manner similar to reading glasses, computer glasses aren’t just for people with presbyopia (trouble focusing close up). Even if you only normally wear single-vision prescription lenses or don’t need vision correction at all, a pair of computer glasses can be a great way to protect your eyes when you’re spending time in front of a screen. This isn’t limited to computer screens, either. Gamers and avid television watchers can also reduce eye stress with a good pair of blue light protection glasses!

When should I wear my computer glasses?

One common misconception is that computer glasses, including anti-blue-light glasses, should only be worn when you’re in front of a screen. They can be worn for everyday activities, too, like reading. One Lake Views Eye Care patient, Judy, wears her computer lenses on and off throughout the day.

I am a teacher who needs to read close up but also see the back of my classroom,” she says. “Sometimes, when attending workshops, I also need to see small screens in presentation rooms. My computer glasses work well during all these activities. They’re comfortable enough that I can keep them on when moving around all parts of my home and classroom - not just when I’m at my desk.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of prescription computer progressive glasses, non-prescription blue light glasses, or regular single-vision glasses, Dr. Sandra Chiu and the entire staff at Lake Views Eye Care (formerly Carey Optical) are happy to help!

Stop by our office at 281 Goderich St. in Port Elgin, call us at (519) 832-5000, or book an appointment online.

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