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  • Dr. Sandra Chiu

Choosing the Best Glasses for You

When you’re prescribed eyeglasses, picking out the most flattering frames for your face can be tough! These days, there are hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of frame designers across the world, offering frames that range from simple to ornate, and budget-conscious to luxury. No matter what your style is, it is possible to find glasses that look good on you.

The key? Finding the right frame shapes for your personal features. Here’s our ultimate guide to choosing the glasses shapes that are right for you.

1. Consider your eyebrows.

If you prefer a less-complicated method of finding the best glasses for your face shape, simply look in the mirror and determine your eyebrow angle. Then, find glasses with a shape that roughly matches that. For example, if you’ve got straight eyebrows, consider a rectangular frame. In general, avoid picking frames that completely cover your eyebrows, as this is usually not flattering.

2. Check your eyes.

Try on a pair of glasses you’re interested in, and look in the mirror to see how your eyes fit into them. The best glasses are usually those that place your eyes roughly in the horizontal center of the lens. Your eyes should also be somewhat in the vertical center — however, a little higher is fine.

3. Use your face shape as a guide.

For a more intricate method of choosing glasses shapes, you can pick frames that match (or contrast with) the contours of your face. To do this, take a selfie that has your whole face, including the hairline, in it. Then use your phone’s drawing tool to draw a line around its contours, then examine the shape.

You’ll likely find that your face falls into one of the following six categories:

a. Oval

If you’ve got an oval face shape, you’ll typically have a forehead that is only a little wider than your chin, and the widest part of your face will be at your cheekbones.

b. Heart

Like the oval shape, the widest part of a heart face shape is the cheekbones, but the forehead is significantly wider than the chin, which is usually pointed. Some people with heart-shaped faces have a widow’s peak at the hairline, but not always.

c. Square

Square face shapes feature an angled jaw, straight up-and-down sides, and a face width that’s nearly equal to its length.

d. Round

People with round face shapes have similar proportions to those with square faces, but the proportions aren’t quite as angular, and the cheekbones are the widest part of the face.

e. Pear

Just like the fruit they’re named after, pear face shapes have narrow upper foreheads and a shape that gradually gets wider from the cheekbones to the jaw.

f. Diamond

Diamond face shapes have narrow foreheads, just like pears, but the chin is narrower and more pointed, and the cheekbones are high and wide.

Once you’ve determined your face shape, you can start looking at frames! Most people find that they get their best looks from frames that contrast with their face shapes and balance out their proportions.

For example, people with round faces should consider square or rectangular frames, while more angular faces like square and diamond look best with rounder, curvier contours. If you’ve got a heart face shape, try a pair of oversized glasses with thick frames that are wider than the forehead to even things out. The same goes for pear face shapes — the extra bulk of the frames will provide a counterpoint to the wider jaw. If you’ve got an oval face shape, lucky you! This is considered the “universal” face shape, and most types of glasses will look good on it.

For sunglasses, go big. Trying to match sunglasses to your face shape? You can use the same guidelines for these as for the regular glasses above — but you’ll want to make sure that they cover your entire field of vision. This provides better UV protection for your eyes.

BONUS: For frame colour, consider your skin tone. Now that you’ve figured out the perfect glasses shape for your face, up the style ante by picking frames in a colour that works well with your complexion. If your skin has a “warm” tint (think undertones of yellow and olive), choose frames that also have warm tones, like orange, red, soft pink, or gold metal. Complexions with “cool” tints (undertones of pink) look for frames in blue, forest green, black and silver metal. Tortoiseshell frames are flattering to all skin tones, but you’ll want to make sure that they’re light or dark enough to contrast with your skin rather than blending in.

Remember…it’s up to you! There are many guides on how to find the perfect glasses for your face shape, but the best eyeglasses are always the ones that fit well and make you feel good. If they’re a pair that you look forward to putting on every day, you’ve found the right ones for you.

Lake Views Eye Care is proud to offer a wide selection of frames in many shapes and colours for all age ranges. We have many frames at a variety of price points, from budget-friendly to exclusive higher-end designer models.

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