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Perscription Glasses


The Ontario College of Optometrists recommends children have their first eye exam at 6 to 9 months.


Vision screenings by pediatricians or family doctors do not constitute fully comprehensive eye exams.


One in four children starting kindergarten may experience learning difficulties due to visual impairment, and without a proper eye exam, it will be impossible to diagnose vision problems that may be causing difficulties for the child.


Common risk factors for vision problems include:

  • Premature birth

  • Developmental delays

  • Complications during pregnancy or delivery

  • Turned or crossed eyes

  • Family history of eye disease and wearing glasses

  • Eye injury

  • Medical conditions

  • Increased screen time and less time spent outdoors


During your child’s eye exam, Dr Chiu will review the following with you:

  • Assessment of eye synchronicity, focusing & tracking

  • Eyeglass prescription when required (may involve a dilated exam)

  • Eye health evaluation for common eye diseases and overall health

  • Personalized consultation to discuss results, preventative measures and vision solutions (including glasses, contact lenses, Myopia Control, vision therapy)


Children aged 0-19 are covered through OHIP covers one full eye exam ONCE a year up to the age of 19.


Please bring the following to your child’s appointment:

  • Your child’s current glasses

  • Contact lens and solution information

  • A list of current medications and vitamins

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