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What is Telehealth?

From an optometry perspective, Telehealth refers to eye care appointments with an optometrist, delivered through a secure virtual platform.

If you are experiencing eye problems and you are in isolation or cannot make it to our clinic, you can schedule a virtual appointment with Dr Chiu.

We provide the following services through Telehealth:

  • Urgent or emergency eye care

  • Care for eye conditions: eye pain, red or pink eyes, dry eyes

  • Prescription refills

  • Follow-up appointments


How to book a Telehealth appointment:

  • Book Online, or call our office on 519-832-5000

  • We will confirm whether your concerns can be addressed with a virtual appointment and schedule you in at your earliest convenience

  • You will be provided with a secure link prior to your appointment

  • We will schedule a follow-up appointment or an in-person exam if required after the virtual consultation

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