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For patients up to 16 years of age, when you buy a pair of lenses at Lake Views Eye Care, you can get a second pair free within 16 months through the Hoya Eye-M-Growing program!

You can use the second pair of lenses immediately, or redeem them up to 16 months after the initial purchase date. This program is great if your child's prescription is constantly changing, or  if they grow out of their frames unexpectedly. You can also use it to get prescription sunglasses or to get a backup pair on budget. The choice is yours!

The program exclusively uses HOYA's state-of-the-art materials and scratch-resistant, anti-reflective coatings to protect your child's vision and your investment. HOYA Phoenix lenses afford UV protection, provide sharp clear vision and are lightweight. They are available with blue light protection, anti-glare protection, and photochromic and polarized options as well.

This offer is valid for all kids with a valid prescription up to 16 years old. Frames not included.

Come by the store for complete details!

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