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  • Dr. Sandra Chiu

Hottest Sunglasses Trends for 2022

Tank tops. Sandals on your feet. Burning-hot sidewalks. Yep, the summer months are here - but when the temps rise, you can stay looking cool with a well-chosen pair of sunglasses. This year, we’re loving shades that are colour-forward, with interesting shapes to boot.

Take a look at some of the hottest sunglasses trends for 2022.

Hot Trend #1: Cat Eye

Nostalgic sunglasses are huge this year, and the cat-eye shape might be the biggest of all the retro choices. (Catwoman makes an appearance in this summer’s new Batman movie - coincidence? We think not.) A classic silhouette that exudes old-Hollywood glamour and accentuates the cheekbones, cat-eye sunglasses are popping up in sunny locations everywhere. But this year, we’re especially in love with bold versions in solid black, as well as exaggerated styles that take that “swoop” to the corners to an extreme. Meow.

Hot Trend #2: Sporty Frames

Off with the fancy frames - it’s time to invest in a pair of durable, utilitarian-style sports sunglasses that work (and play) as hard as you do. Tired of sun peeking into the corners of your eyes? Try a pair of sleek wraparound shades that envelop your peepers in blissful darkness (and, ngl, pay a pretty cool homage to the ‘80s). Or, evoke chillier temps with a pair of goggle-type sunglasses that were born for the ski slopes.

(Bonus: They’ll come in handy when that dry winter wind sets in.)

Hot Trend #3: Gradient Lenses

To try on a fun look this summer, ditch your all-black sunglass lenses for a pair that gradually darkens the tint from bottom to top. They’ll add a bit of summer lightness to your face - and the paler tint will boost your mood, too! For an extra-trendy touch, opt for a pair with non-black lenses. If you’ve got a warm skin tone, try pink or brown; those who sport cooler tones can try a pair with blue or green ombré.

Hot Trend #4: Pastels

Everything ‘90s is trending again - hello again, low-rise jeans! - and we’re especially excited at the ice-cream-like colours that have come with it. Capture that feeling with a pair of acetate sunglasses in soft, pale hues of baby pink, faded peach or ice blue. Pair it with a cat-eye shape (see Hot Trend #1) for a double punch of coolness. Your Discman may be long gone, but when you wear these shades, you’ll swear it’s in the next room.

Hot Trend #5: Jewel-Tone Acetate

If you’re not a fan of paler colours, go in the other direction with a pair of can’t-miss acetate sunglasses in a deep jewel tone, like emerald, ruby red, or just about any other intense hue that suits your fancy. If the oversized, wide-framed versions are too much for you, soften things up by picking a jewel-toned version in a classic shape, like wayfarer or cat eye. You’ll still get the colour, but the overall effect will be less intense.

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