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  • Dr. Sandra Chiu

What is Blue-Light and do I need Blue-Blocker lenses?

Blue light is naturally emitted by the sun but we are also being exposed to other sources of blue-light through the use of screened devices such as computers, smartphones, television and LED lights. These sources of blue light can cause eye strain if we are exposing our eyes to screens for long periods of time at closer distances. Exposure to too much artificial blue-light, especially at night, from electronic devices may lead to poor sleep quality, difficulty falling asleep, and daytime fatigue. Poor sleep can lead to impaired memory and learning during the day. Blue-blocker lenses work by blocking high-energy visible blue light for a more optimal viewing experience while using screened devices. Talk to your optometrist to learn more about blue-light and if Blue-Blocker lenses would be a good fit for you! To schedule an eyewear appointment and discuss lens options call 519-832-5000.

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