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Top 5 Classic Sunglasses

It’s great to follow the trends - but sometimes, you just need something tried-and-true. (Client meeting? Black-tie wedding? Yeah, those neon green stunna shades probably aren’t going to work.) In those times, it’s nice to have a pair of classically-styled sunglasses on hand to add a final touch to your traditional look.

Check out these five aesthetics that have stood the test of time.

Classic Look #1: Aviators

Originally made for pilots in the 1930s, aviator sunglasses have been a permanent part of the world’s fashion lexicon since Tom Cruise wore them in the 1986 film Top Gun. And it’s no surprise: They’re sturdy and sleek, and their teardrop-shaped lenses mean that they look good on just about everyone. Traditional designs feature sleek wire rims and a single bridge at the tops of the lenses, but you can also check out double-bridge versions, and even pairs with colourful or tortoiseshell acetate frames. Ready to take flight? Nah, you’re already there.

Classic Look #2: Oversized

If you’ve ever had a late night and then an early morning, you know what tired eyes can do to your look. If your peppermint eye mask just isn’t cutting it, you can easily hide behind a pair of large-framed sunglasses - just slip on and go. They’re available in several shapes, too. Try a square shape to rock a geometric look, or round to echo classic Elton John. (Added bonus: They’ll help you stay anonymous during that haggard coffee run.)

Classic Look #3: Cat Eye

Yes, it’s also on our “trendy” list. But, like a favourite sweater, the cat-eye shape is versatile enough to also qualify as a classic. A well-made pair enhances the cheekbones and exude old-Hollywood glamor - think Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. To complement a classic aesthetic, choose a pair with super-dark lenses and jet-black or amber frames.

Classic Look #4: Rectangular

Like a well-worn sweater or a favourite pair of jeans, there’s something about a good pair of oblong sunglasses that just works. Maybe it’s because they flatter just about any face shape, or maybe it’s the way you can peer over them like an international superspy. It’s no wonder the influencers on Tik Tok have fallen in love with them. To style them classically, opt for a black, dark brown or navy blue frame.

Classic Look #5: Wayfarers

Made popular in the 1980s (yes, these too!), Wayfarers were originally produced by Ray-Ban with a practical, squared-off shape and solid-black frames. Comfortable to the max, they can be dressed up or down, and now they’re available in a few more styles, including some with rounded lens shapes and tortoiseshell frames.

Our favourite? The Folding Classic version, which halve at the nose bridge so they can fit into even the tiniest bag.

Which sunglass style will you rock this year - trendy or classic? Let us know in the comments!

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