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  • Dr. Sandra Chiu

Protecting Children's Eyes During Summer

Summer’s officially here! UV rays are more intense this time of year than any other, which makes it especially important to protect little eyes from the sun.

Use these four tips to help keep your children's eyes healthy this season.

1. Get eye protection.

The lens of a child’s eye can allow 70% more UV rays through than those of adults, increasing the impact of any sun exposure they get. This leads to a greater likelihood of photokeratitis, and earlier cataract formation when they’re older. When children are outside, make sure they’re wearing quality sunglasses that provide 100% UVA and UVB protection.

2. Cover eyes when in water.

Chlorinated pool water can be harsh on children's eyes, while water in oceans, rivers, and lakes often contains microorganisms, which can lead to infections. Wearing a pair of good-fitting goggles can stave off both of these problems. (Their underwater vision will improve, too!)

3. Find sports-friendly eyewear.

Children playing on a team this summer?

Protect them from eye injuries by investing in a good pair of sports glasses with shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses and a head strap.

4. Use sunscreen.

The thin, delicate skin around the eyes is more susceptible to sun damage than other parts of the face, so make sure sunblock is applied to this area before letting your children go outside.

If possible, opt for formulas that contain zinc or titanium dioxide, since they’re less likely to mix with sweat and irritate eyes.

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