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  • Dr. Sandra Chiu

Prescription Eyewear Options for this Ski Season

The snow has started to fall, and ski season is quickly approaching! Vision problems shouldn't stop you from enjoying winter sports! In this blog, we are going to outline three options for those needing clear vision while hitting the slopes.

1. Contact Lenses

This is a great option for prescription glasses wearers who love to ski. This is the most comfortable choice for many as it offers vision correction and ski goggles can be worn over to protect your eyes from wind, snow and harsh elements you can encounter while skiing. This is the ideal choice for those who also take their goggles on and off while enjoying the slopes and socializing on the mountain.

2. Prescription Sports Goggle

You may be surprised to learn that you can actually have custom prescription goggles made just for you! This is a fantastic option for those who don’t want to or are unable to wear contact lenses but still want the full protection of a sports goggle. Liberty Sport offers a variety of options for protective sports eyewear available in prescription for adults and children. Liberty Sport provides comfort, style and most importantly protection for the elements and sports-related eye injuries that can occur.

Their goggles feature an eye rim design that allows for nearly any prescription lens type, moulded padding for extra grip, comfort, and durability, a nylon frame capable of withstanding high-impact blows, polycarbonate lenses that meet ASTM F803 standards, and a soft hypo-allergenic TPR bridge for added support and comfort.

Schedule an appointment and talk about your options with an optician at Carey Optical today! Click here.

3. Ski Goggle Insert

If contact lenses and prescription goggles are not a good option for you, consider getting a ski goggle insert! Using your own ski goggles, prescription goggle inserts that hold your glasses prescription are inserted to sit inside your ski/snow goggle. This allows the wearer to see clearly without the discomfort of wearing glasses under the goggles. The inserts are typically a universal fit to most goggles. It is recommended that you bring your goggles with you to your appointment to make sure the insert fits perfectly!

There you have it, three great prescription eyewear options for you to consider this ski season! If you have further questions and want to schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable optician, click here.

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