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  • Dr. Sandra Chiu

Are your progressive lenses not working for you?

When it comes to lenses, there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution! Lifestyle, career, home-life and your unique priorities all influence the type of lens that is right for YOU. If your visual tasks are based primarily around near or intermediate distance, standard progressives alone may not be the best solution for you.

A computer progressive lens, or indoor lens, is a lens solution that is tailored to give you crystal-clear vision at work or when completing detailed tasks at close proximity. Whatever your profession, the indoor lens gives you the visual support you need.

Types of indoor lens:

1. For near distances

This lens is ideal for those who require high levels of precision from the largest field of vision at near distances up to one metre. Artists, clerical workers or those on a smartphone for extended periods of time would benefit from this lens.

2. For intermediate, near distances

This lens is the most popular lens style and best choice for those who do an extended amount of screen work, including computers, tablets, gaming, and even reading. This lens offers smooth sharp depth and width vision from near distances up to two meters.

3. For short and intermediate distances

This lens offers crystal clear vision up close and sharp mid-distance vision. This is a great lens option for those whose activities require the focus to be a little further than a computer screen. Think of a small boardroom or meeting room.

To learn more about lens options and speak to a knowledgeable Optometrist or Optician about your vision options, contact us today! Click here to contact.

*iD Zoom, iD Screen and iD Space are products of Hoya. Images from Hoya marketing materials.


Hoya Vision Care, "Individualized Indoor Lens", 18 August 2021

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